a panoply of styles

each of l’eldorado’s 26 rooms is different.
certain feature a terrace or balcony, and all showcase
decor that brings together different periods and styles,
from flowery or persian-inspired wall hangings
to art deco light fixtures, 1950s-style lattice-work sideboards,
and italian-style washbasins.
a stay at l’eldorado is like being welcomed into a family home
with rooms like jewel boxes, where a stay is accompanied
by birds singing and views of either the garden or parisian streets.

our hotel has 26 rooms, including 2 pmr.
some of our rooms can be connected at your convenience.




between velvet fabrics and a four-poster bed, these british-style hideaways are the epitome of good taste.

  • 160cm bed
parisian-room-eldorado-hotel-paris (1)
parisian-room-eldorado-hotel-paris (6)
parisian-room-eldorado-hotel-paris (2)-crop
eldorado-boutique-hotel-paris-chambres-parisienne-superieures-rooms-interior-design-benoit-linero-2048 (1)
parisian-room-eldorado-hotel-paris (5)

jardin deluxe



palm trees, hydrangeas, wisterias, and roses grow under the windows of these rooms, which offer great views and are larger, with bathtubs or living rooms.

  • 180cm bed
eldorado-boutique-hotel-paris-rooms-suite-interior-design-benoit-linero (5)
eldorado-boutique-hotel-paris-chambre-jardin-garden-rooms-interior-design-benoit-linero 2048 (4)
chambre-jardin-deluxe-hotel-eldorado-paris (3)
chambre-jardin-deluxe-hotel-eldorado-paris (1) crop
chambre-jardin-deluxe-hotel-eldorado-paris (5)
chambre-jardin-deluxe-hotel-eldorado-paris (2)^crop




at the end of the bed is a large terrace overlooking the garden, which can be appreciated in complete privacy.

  • 180cm bed
eldorado-boutique-hotel-paris-terrasse-suite-room-benoit-linero-2048 (1)
chambre-suite-terrasse-hotel-eldorado-paris (2)
chambre-suite-terrasse-hotel-eldorado-paris (3)
chambre-suite-terrasse-hotel-eldorado-paris (1)
chambre-suite-terrasse-hotel-eldorado-paris (4)
chambre-suite-terrasse-hotel-eldorado-paris (6)

suite sapphire



on the top floor of the hotel, a cross-through pied-à-terre. on one side, the bedroom and its sauna; on the other, the living room overlooking the garden. everywhere, rooms completely covered in velvet, perfectly partitioned, ensuring peace, undoubtedly.

  • 180cm bed
suite-sapphire-hotel-eldorado-paris (1)
suite-sapphire-hotel-eldorado-paris (6) crop
suite-sapphire-hotel-eldorado-paris (2)
suite-sapphire-hotel-eldorado-paris (5) crop
suite-sapphire-hotel-eldorado-paris (3)
suite-sapphire-hotel-eldorado-paris (4) crop

suite eldorado



from the “51st”, at the top of the hotel, the lounge, and its balcony offer a view of the eiffel tower. the bedroom and its bathtub, on the other hand, overlook the garden. once again, amidst velvet coverings and double doors, absolute tranquility reigns.

  • 180cm bed
suite-eldorado-hotel-paris (1)
suite-eldorado-hotel-paris (3) crop
eldorado-boutique-hotel-paris-suite-benoit-linero-2048-1 (2)
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suite-eldorado-hotel-paris (2)
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